Deep Sea Intensive Firming Neck Cream

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Product Description

The neck is alluring because it's graceful and vulnerable. Yet the same vulnerability becomes a concern over time. Susceptible skin wrinkles with sun exposure and sags when skin cells lose vital nutrients due to age and environmental pollutants. 

Deep Sea Cosmetics Intensive Firming Neck Cream encourages a dramatic change for the better in your delicate décolletage. It restores firmness and elasticity to depleted cells by infusing powerful and rare Dead Sea Minerals into cell nuclei to promote rapid regeneration of fresh, healthy cells. Meanwhile, a blend of hydrolyzed collagen and elastin work in harmony to form a protective barrier that helps skin retain moisture while smoothing and softening.

Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B-5 stabilize skin cells' barrier function and promote youthful firmness. And the cream saturates cells with Peptide Complex that signals skin to produce firming collagen. Designed to reach the deepest layers of your skin, this cream achieves a stunning and long-lasting effect that will leave your neck alluring for years to come.

How to Use 

Upon waking, and prior to bedtime, smooth a liberal amount of Deep Sea Cosmetics Intensive Firming Neck Cream over the entire neck and décolleté area using gentle, upward-stroking motions.


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