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Divine Instant Face Lift


Since ancient times, the unique therapeutic and beautifying powers of Dead Sea minerals have been recognized for their beneficial effects on skin. Today, advances in sciences and technology have confirmed these ancient discoveries. Deep Sea Cosmetics has extracted these powerful elements from the depths of the Earth’s most pure and genuine springs of youth to create a natural formula that blends Dead Sea minerals, peptides, anti-oxidants, vitamins and herbal extracts known to enhance your health and beauty. Deep Sea Cosmetics has advanced the technology of preserving and naturally enhancing skin hydration through a biological approach to skin care that stands the test of time. Through a unique process, Deep Sea Cosmetics has combined original Dead Sea extracts with a peptide complex of synthesized proteins found in the most common types of collagen. When the Peptide Complex is added to cultured human fibroblasts, it stimulates them to produce the main components of youthful skin: collagen, elastin and a key glycan, hyaluronic acid, which can hold up to a thousand times its weight in water.

Damaged skin loses the ability to retain moisture and elasticity. You can change that instantly with the Divine Instant Wrinkle Erasing Syringe and essentially turn back time. With Divine, your skin cells retain moisture and more elasticity. Within a few minutes of applying, fine lines and wrinkles disappear thanks to a unique Peptide Complex of natural amino acids discovered to work as an anti-wrinkle agent. The effects of this magical skin tightening formula last up to 8 hours per application and in the long term, the peptides, amino acids, Dead Sea minerals and vitamins all ensure that Divine will improve your skin and protect it from future harm.


  1. Make sure skin is completely clear of all makeup and free of any moisturizer or natural skin oils.
  2. Gently roll the syringe between your hands to ensure that ingredients are blended properly.
  3. Pump about a dime-sized amount into your palm or the top of your hand.
  4. Using your ring finger for the lightest application possible, tap product into areas of greatest concern on both face and neck and continue to lightly smooth product into your skin.
  5. Try to keep your face as expressionless as possible for three minutes. Please note that you may experience what feels like a tightening sensation in the moments following application- this is completely normal and a sign that the product is working.
  6. After product has completely dried feel free to continue with your normal make-up routine.
  7. Wash off product after use with fresh water. You may follow with your favorite moisturizer from the Deep Sea Cosmetics collection.

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