Night Light Series Treatment Kit

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What if your skin cells could turn back their internal clocks to reveal more youthful texture? Deep Sea Cosmetics Night Light Complete Treatment makes it happen with Chronogen, a groundbreaking innovation in epigenetic technology.

The Night Light Series Treatment Kit includes:

  1. Night Light Purifying Gel to Milk
  2. Night Light Active Facial Serum
  3. Night Light Perfecting Hydrating Gel

Night Light Purifying Gel to Milk

Along with Chronogen, the milk is enhanced with revolutionary Peptide Complex, which coaxes skin into dramatically boosting collagen production and creating youthful firmness. This gentle cleansing milk upon application, effectively removing impurities and residue. Made Dead Sea Minerals that enhance cell metabolism to maintain skin’s dewy radiance while easing fine lines.

Night Light Active Facial Serum

Along with Chronogen, Dead Sea Minerals detoxify cells, easing fine lines caused by inflammation due to environmental irritants and fostering sheer radiance. Pro-Vitamin B5 works to penetrate skin’s deepest layers, helping cells metabolize fat and sustain youthful elasticity along with the power of Vitamin E and Vitamin C which pampers cells while bonding with collagen molecules to increase skin’s elasticity.

Night Light Perfecting Hydrating Gel

The Hydrating Gel replenishes wrinkle-protecting moisture by delivering Peptides Complex directly to your cells to persuade skin to activate its own natural collagen-producing power. Meanwhile, Dead Sea Minerals stimulate blood flow to ease appearance of fine lines and prevent emergence of new ones. Vitamin E not only protects cells from damaging free radicals but speeds healing of scars and discolorations.

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