Platinum Nail Kit - Deep Blue


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Platinum Nail Kit - Deep Blue - Deep Sea Cosmetics

After first time using our Nail Kit, you will be elated with the results of having shiny nails, without the hassle of looking for Beauty Experts that very often results in spending valuable time and money.

Before using the Nail Care Kit, please remove any nail polish and wash and dry your hands.

How to Use the Nail File

  1. You may start forming your nail to your desired shape, by using the attached long nail file. This should be done in one direction only. 

How to Use the Rectangular Nail Buffer

  1. *Starting with the Blue Strip, buff across the nail in one direction for 10-15 seconds. This step removes ridges, residue and stains. Caution: Over use of the Blue side will thin the nail.
  2. Use the Burgundy (strip) side of the buffer in back and forth motion for 10-15 seconds. This step will stimulate the nail growth and will smooth the nailsurface.
  3. Continue buffering your nail with the White side of the buffer for 15-20 seconds (as the last step). You will notice instantly a glossy shining look as a final result. 

How to Use the Nourishing Cuticle Conditioner & Body / Hand lotion

  1. Apply one drop of cuticle Conditioner to each cuticle in order to avoid cracking and dryness.
  2. Apply Deep Sea Cosmetics Hand & Body Lotion to moisturize your hands as frequently as you wish. 

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