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Vitamin C Superior Spot Correcting Serum

Restore youthful brightness to your skin with DSC Vitamin C Dark Spot Corrector. As skin matures, UV damage causes dark spots of excess melanin to appear. Proven to be the most effective form of skin lightener, Vitamin C halts that excess melanin production, erases dark spots and protects skin from further UV impact. DSC Vitamin C Superior Spot Correcting Serum delivers Ascorbyl Palmitate and Nikkol VC-IP, two cutting-edge oil-soluble formulations of Vitamin C that do what lesser Vitamin C serums can’t, penetrating the deepest layers of your skin to brighten, lighten and enhance skin tone. Vitamin E harmonizes with Vitamin C oil to reverse wrinkles generated by free-radical damage. Revolutionary Peptide Complex restores youthful levels of firming collagen production. And our proprietary blend of rare Dead Sea Minerals work to boost cell metabolism and maintain skin’s radiance while easing fine lines caused by inflammation due to environmental irritants. All in all, you’ll see the brightness of younger-looking skin revealed, with increased clarity and vitality only the freshest, most effective ingredients can bring about.

How to Use

Apply a thin layer of the Superior Spot Correcting Serum to face and neck at both morning and night. Allow a moment for the Serum to penetrate skin before applying moisturizer.

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