Mineral Matrix 24K Gold Facial Serum

Deep Sea Cosmetics has combined the invigorating power of gold minerals with the rejuvenating action of minerals drawn from oxygen-rich Dead Sea water. Pure gold stimulates the sensitive electrical resonance of skin as it absorbs into the deeper keratin, coaxing elastin to maintain its firming, foundational properties. At the same time, gold escorts oxygen molecules to the cellular level, helping to refresh skin’s ability to regenerate. And it balances skin texture and tone, reducing appearance of discoloration by slowing melanin secretion. Most of all, the visible gold sprinkles in this rich serum make skin deeply receptive to absorbing our rare Dead Sea minerals, which journey into cell nuclei to promote rapid regeneration of fresh, healthy cells. After these dynamic minerals penetrate cells, Acetyl Hexyapeptide-8, a revolutionary technology, restores youthful levels of firming collagen production. Meanwhile, Pro-Vitamin B-5 stabilizes skin cells’ barrier function and promotes youthful firmness. Designed to heal and rejuvenate skin at the surface and beyond, this serum delivers a symphony of healing to keep skin alluring for years to come.

Size: 50ml

How to Use

Wash face with your favorite DSC cleanser. Gently pat moisture from face with a towel. Apply a layer of serum to face. Allow time for serum to absorb into skin before applying makeup or moisturizer.

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