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Hand & Body Lotion - Deep Blue

Since ancient times, the unique therapeutic and beautifying powers of Dead Sea minerals have been recognized for their beneficial effects on skin. Today, advances in science and technology have confirmed these ancient discoveries. Deep Sea Cosmetics has extracted these powerful elements from the depths of the Earth’s most pure and genuine springs of youth to create a natural formula that blends Dead Sea minerals, anti-oxidants, vitamins and herbal extracts known to enhance your health and beauty. Deep Sea Cosmetics has advanced the technology of preserving and naturally enhancing skin hydration through a biological approach to skin care that stands the test of time.

A delicate body lotion containing a unique blend with Calendula oil, endowed with a quick absorption, restores & maintains the skin's natural flexibility and moisture, leaving your skin soft & silky. Softly fragranced, not shadowing any other scent that you chose to wear will make you feel fresh for all day long.

How to Use

Apply daily after bathing & exposure to the sun.

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