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Night Light Perfecting Hydrating Gel

Since ancient times, the unique therapeutic and beautifying powers of Dead Sea minerals have been recognized for their beneficial effects on skin. Today, advances in science and technology have confirmed these ancient discoveries. Deep Sea Cosmetics has extracted these powerful elements from the depths of the Earth’s most pure and genuine springs of youth to create a natural formula that blends Dead Sea minerals, anti-oxidants, vitamins and herbal extracts known to enhance your health and beauty. Deep Sea Cosmetics has advanced the technology of preserving and naturally enhancing skin hydration through a biological approach to skin care that stands the test of time.

What if your skin cells could turn back their internal clocks to reveal more youthful texture? Deep Sea Cosmetics Night Light Complete Treatment makes it possible with Chronogen, a groundbreaking innovation in epigenetic technology. Time and UV damage skin cells’ natural cycle of rest, regeneration and renewal, leaving skin dull, less elastic and susceptible to wrinkles. An anti-aging tetrapeptide, Chronogen restores the circadian gene expression of your skin cells to youthful health, helping them return to their natural regeneration cycle. It’s known to significantly improve skin’s resistance to UV rays and aid its nightly DNA repair. So you awake to refreshed results. The Hydrating Gel replenishes wrinkle-protecting moisture by delivering Peptides Complex directly to your cells to persuade skin to activate its own natural collagen-producing power. Meanwhile, Dead Sea Minerals stimulate blood flow to ease appearance of fine lines and prevent emergence of new ones. Vitamin E not only protects cells from damaging free radicals but speeds healing of scars and discolorations. All in all, it’s like sleeping away time and awaking to new, younger-looking skin that’s refreshed at the cellular level.

How to Use

After washing face with the Night Light Purifying Gel to Milk and applying the Night Light Active Facial Serum, follow by spreading a layer of the Night Light Perfecting Hydrating Gel across face and neck using upward strokes. 

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